Thursday, April 30, 2009


For those who don't know, Alya's dog Arlo (whom you may have met over the last year at good dirt) has a medical issue that puts him in a considerable amount of pain. If untreated it will only get worse, but unfortunately the surgery costs around $2,500 which is a huge chunk for a poor potter to cough up. The studio assistants, prompted especially by Julie, have come up with the idea of a benefit to help raise the funds. The original idea of a pure pottery sale has morphed into a 'whatever we can get money for' event. Alya wants artists to have the option of getting a percentage of all their art work sold rather than just making it a straight donation, but that will be the individual's discretion. All other types of donations are being accepted and can be dropped off at good dirt in Julie's space. So we hope everyone can come out to buy something special (I know several artists whose work will be there who I wouldn't mind adding to my collection!) and possibly chip in with a contrabution of their own art work or other household items. The event is being hosted by Teresa in the Cobham district on the west side of Athens, sort of near the Athens Regional Medical Center. Hope everyone can be there!

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